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The recommended seeding rate of alfalfa is about 100 pounds per fedan (4200 m2) pure live seed. This study aimed to determine the optimum alfalfa-seeding rate and sowing method to enhance plant density. A split plot arrangement using randomized complete block with three replications was used to execute the experiment. Alfalfa forage related trait included stand density during a 12 month period after sowing. Results indicated significant differences between sowing methods in terms of plant density of alfalfa. Flat sowing gave on average a density of 143 plants per square meter during the 12 months period when compared to ridges and raised beds. Increasing seeding rates up to 150 gram led to an increase in plant density. The sowing rate of 150 grams produced an average of 165 plants per meter square during the 12 months period in comparison to 88 and 145 obtained by seeding rates of 50 and 75 grams, respectively.