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Inocybaceae and affiliated taxa reported in West Africa were examined through a survey of available publications coupled with field data collections. Twenty-eight Inocyboid taxa have been reported in the region, including six species validly described in the genera Inocybe, Inosperma and Mallocybe. All taxonomic names have been confirmed in Index Fungorum ( Among them, four taxa were synonyms of other species of Inocybaceae, Crepidotaceae or Chromocyphellaceae. Consequently, only six taxa, Inocybe ghanaensis, Mallocybe africana, Inosperma africanum, I. bulbomarginatum, I. flavobrunneum and Pseudosperma squamatum make the diversity of Inocybaceae from West Africa. Here the distribution of known taxa has been reported along with checklist. In addition, results of BLAST searches including any potential environmental matches (>97%) similarity is reported.

Key words: Checklist, Ectomycorrhizal fungi, Inocybe, Distribution, Pseudosperma, West Africa